Grow your agency by finding new clients

Receive a monthly handpicked selection of over 1,000 companies that have recently raised millions and are looking to outsource their business needs.

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How it works

1- Sign up in ten seconds

All you have to do is click the subscribe button and enter your email. That's it.

2- Receive leads instantly

Receive the previous month's list upon sign up. And a new list every month.

3- Start reaching out today

Now that you have your leads, you can start reaching out and closing deals.

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Streamline your outreach strategy

A simple and effective way to do outreach for your business.

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Find companies that just raised millions

From startups, to nonprofit organizations, to enterprises. These companies have big needs and even bigger budgets to match them.

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That are handpicked for your agency

No, you won't find Tesla and Elon's email as entries. You'll find companies that are easy to reach out to and build relationships with.

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That are looking to outsource your services

These companies are severely lacking in certain domains and/or doubling down and investing in others. This is where you fit in.

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All have verified CEO information and emails

We manually collect and verify every single data point in our lists. You can expect verified email addresses when publicly available.

Save a ton of money and time

We spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours collecting these leads.

Handpicked one by one

Every single data point is collected and verified by a human. Not a robot.

100s of hours on research

We spend hundreds of hours every month to collect the most relevant companies.

1000s of dollars on tech

We spend thousands of dollars every year to access the world's best databases and tools.

Publicly available and verified

We check that our data points are publicly available and verify them one by one.

GDPR compliant

We are up to date with all the key privacy and data protection requirements of GDPR.

Up to date and accurate

We are constantly updating our data and ensuring that they are valid and correct.

Most common objections

We understand your position and have all the answers for you.

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Many agencies must be using these lists

– I understand why you would say that, but no.
– We have high prices by design and raise them constantly.
– That way, we throttle access and filter out low quality customers.
– The number of our customers is still in the 10s.

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Still there must be strong competition

– No, you are not competing with each other.
– Most of our customers target different companies and niches.
– Most of our customers offer different kinds of services.
– The market is large enough for all of us to win.

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I don't know cold outbound

– Don't worry, I got your back
– Personal relationship and welcoming present
– Free consultation via email

Make your money back, forever

Even a tiny deal with a high ticket client will make your money back for years



Perfect to get a better idea of what the leads look like

  • Receive 10 new leads every week
    (~10 leads)
  • 20+ data points per company
  • Likely to outsource field
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Do It Yourself

For companies that want to experiment with outbound sales

  • Receive previous month's list upon signup (~1,000 leads)
  • Receive a brand new list on the 1st of every month (~1,000 leads)
  • 100+ hours of research
  • 20+ data points per company
  • Likely to outsource field
  • Tips, strategies and email templates from successful customers
  • CEO info & verified email
    (~1,000 leads)
  • With the yearly plan you also get all of the lists in the archive (30,000+ leads)
  • All founders info & email (~3,000 leads)
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Done For You

For busy founders that have a million other different things to do

  • Unlock the whole archive
    (~30,000 leads)
  • Will send the emails for you
  • Will book meetings for you
  • 0% commision rate
  • 3 month engagement
  • Weekly updates and reporting
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